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  1. World's one of largest Green Building expo
  2. First green building code is here
  3. removal of contaminated soil
  4. excavation at contaminated soil locations
  5. pcb paint
  6. when I got the leed certification
  7. house that maintains its climate and generates own power - in desert
  8. sky gondolas for brooklyn
  9. harvesting energy from traffic
  10. china builds a skyscraper in 19 days
  11. energy storage in buildings to help grid
  12. use of drones in construction
  13. high speed rail in russia
  14. biggest building foundation
  15. Construction by robots
  16. Crowdfunding for highrises
  17. Building a skyscraper in China in 8 days, vs speed in US
  18. Automation of Construction
  19. What would happen if you designed a building on Mars?