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  1. Concrete pouring vs design
  2. Location of cooling towers at roof
  3. Astm d7181 - 11
  4. helipad design
  5. dock design
  6. seattle seismic zone
  7. type b metal decking
  8. design of footings for a building
  9. seismic loads of interior items
  10. roof structure bracing
  11. concrete column sprial vs square reinforcing
  12. comparing geotechnical specs
  13. calculating skin friction at piles by beta method
  14. Calculating pile capacity for driven piles with hammer
  15. difference between unconfined and undrained strength
  16. structural AM portion indeterminate and design problems
  17. calculating base shear
  18. shape factors for footings
  19. drained and confined triaxial test
  20. triaxial consolidated undrained test, which pressure to apply
  21. Triaxial test
  22. transfer of load and moment between footings
  23. shear and tensile stress due to torsion and bending
  24. beam slope calculation
  25. How to determine the K value of compacted soil
  26. solid vs hollow stem auger boring
  27. Why do we take earthquake loads into consideration even for beam loads?
  28. One of house owner's biggest headaches: Differential Settlement of foundations
  29. Hidden Beam
  30. Summarizing the relation between earthquakes and buildings