View Full Version : 2 - Sitework: Earthwork, Landscaping, Utilities

  1. Proper surveying utilities
  2. Working at contaminated soil
  3. Timber piles head cutoff
  4. Beginning of construction and surveying
  5. Fencing
  6. alignment of manholes
  7. cleanout spacing of a sewer line
  8. Piles for home dock construction
  9. slope protection, placing geotextile and stone
  10. importance of skilled machine operator
  11. Placing precast concrete manholes
  12. Concrete grating at curb
  13. Trench dams
  14. placing asphalt pavement in cold weather
  15. painting parking stalls in cold weather
  16. cold weather asphalt paving
  17. Grating installation and slopes
  18. placing precast concrete members of underground utilities
  19. horizontal boring method
  20. underground pipe installation
  21. direction of utility pipes placement
  22. vacuum excavation
  23. Dewatering
  24. Excavation during cold weather
  25. replacing pipes under slab
  26. verification of underground pipe locations
  27. foundation excavation elevations
  28. Location of installed piles
  29. Coordinating progress of underground utilities with other trades