View Full Version : 3 - Concrete & Rebar

  1. Concrete curing
  2. Arranging concrete trucks
  3. Inspections vs concrete
  4. formwork dimensions
  5. hot weather concrete placement
  6. things to consider before pouring concrete
  7. concrete curing
  8. lightweight insulated roof concrete, roof insulation concrete
  9. exterior epoxy coated rebar
  10. Installing rebar in tight locations and formwork coordination
  11. Construction joints at industrial floor slabs on grade
  12. Spalling of concrete
  13. footings pour below frost line
  14. cold weather concrete
  15. hot weather concrete placement
  16. cold joints
  17. concrete surface covering at cold weather
  18. slab on grade with low tolearances
  19. Leveling floor sections of different elevation
  20. Checking of concrete formwork before the concrete pour
  21. pouring concrete columns and formwork
  22. expansive soil below slab
  23. Monolithic pour of large concrete foundations
  24. standards when ordering concrete from ready mix plant
  25. Concrete mix ratios
  26. What is the significance of concrete curing?