View Full Version : Construction Management, Project Execution

  1. Tracking issues in the field
  2. Excavation and access of other trades
  3. Parking, entrance, access
  4. Removal of temporary protection items
  5. interior sewer drain to be replaced
  6. work execution plan, means and methods
  7. site access
  8. Supplementary activities during construction
  9. Scaffolding at public street
  10. Pouring of slab on grade after floor above is done
  11. Earthwork for large jobsites and coordination
  12. Pouring concrete foundation of big structures
  13. Ordering of precast items for sitework
  14. coordinating mobilization of trades at jobsite and access
  15. Rigging plan at jobsite
  16. subcontractor site meetings
  17. Coordinated MEP Drawings
  18. Construction Lighting and task lighting
  19. pile delivery
  20. crane time and delivery coordination
  21. prevention of flooding insude your building during construction
  22. Office Space renovation and relocating people
  23. Sources for construction management programs
  24. Construction Management summary of topics
  25. Hiring your chief superintendent for your site
  26. a relation between execution and scheduling of a construction project