View Full Version : Planning, Schedules, Costs, Estimates, Controls, Reporting

  1. Everything started with Estimating
  2. Takeoffs
  3. Doing schedules
  4. Cost Projections
  5. Calculating Exterior Brick quantity
  6. Float between activities
  7. Accurate log keeping
  8. Preconstruction phase coordination
  9. Bid Comparison
  10. Subnets
  11. Estimating concrete
  12. Marketing your company through your quality
  13. Estimating of bottom line
  14. Historical data in estimating
  15. Enclosing of the building exterior
  16. Another good method of estimating - use your schedule
  17. Cost Loading your schedule and Earned Value Analysis
  18. Importance of construction elevators for your schedule
  19. Sample schedule of office building
  20. csi vs system formats
  21. Change order management
  22. Successor activities when making schedules
  23. Earned value analysis
  24. doing business with same owners
  25. new contractor where to start
  26. seeing the jobsite before bidding
  27. updating schedules
  28. Bidder lists for los angeles area
  29. Tracking of material order and required submittal dates with scheduling programs
  30. Successor activities
  31. Windy days in schedule for formwork installation
  32. Pile installation progress for large projects
  33. Scheduling for Roofing
  34. Installation of handrail in schedule
  35. Sample schedule for bathroom or restroom renovation
  36. Showing Critical path
  37. Finish Variance
  38. Bidder Conference, preaward meeting
  39. rates for painters
  40. T&M for earthwork
  41. Using schedule templates from similar jobs
  42. Making schedules with excel
  43. getting Schedule at start of job and columns to see
  44. Way of measuring manually when doing takeoffs
  45. Work authorization tickets for extra work
  46. Important points to remember when reviewing project schedules
  47. Procurement phase strategy
  48. Marketing your construction company
  49. Analysis of trades during hard bid for bid comparison
  50. licenced estimator
  51. estimating a residential building
  52. good software for estimating
  53. Reviewing existing schedules
  54. points to pay attention when looking at existing schedules
  55. how to reflect the already performed but excess EV when scope decreases
  56. Making activities current
  57. A general preview at creating, reviewing and cost loading schedules
  58. Recovery Schedules and revising of critical path
  59. Managing labour resources effectively for keeping jobs on schedule
  60. Project Schedule as it relates the other processes in the PMP Book format
  61. Rule of thumb for number of workers in high rise residential
  62. Calculating most likely durations
  63. Keeping construction project costs in line
  64. How does elevator installation fit in a high rise building construction?
  65. What is exactly Early Start