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Key points when renting crane for your project

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Below I will try to summarize the important points to consider when you are renting crane for your project. Of course it depends greatly on which equipment you are using, but still there are points that should apply to most situations:

-state the type, boomlength
-state the required certifications on your job. OSHA certification is a given
-don't forget that you will need to provide a level surface for your crane and before that you need to make sure that the ground is stable enough for the weight of that equipment, where the crane will sit on. You should por that level pad when the soil is dry, if it is a cohesive soil such as clay otherwise unwanted settlement may occur later.
-your crane company should include all mobilizing and demobilizing on the site
-your crane company is to have all the permits required during mobilization demobilization or transportation. Sometimes if you are in a tight location, the crane company may need to close the traffic temporarily on an adjacent street for instance when erecting or dismantling their crane. Make sure you are on top of this and you know what is going to happen when and also coordinate not only with the city officials but with other trades as well. This may affect a lot of things for your construction activites during that time period such as access of everyone else
-make sure you clarify show up time, meal periods, overtime holidays etc... remember cranes are veery costly and you must make sure about who is going to bear what costs.
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