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    If you don’t have your own surveying crew and having a surveyor company doing it for you, in the beginning phase of the construction project, you will have to call them often, for layouts, offsets, elevations etc… And there will be an ongoing sitework and foundation work. Make sure that as they go along with their regular scheduled tasks, you also have them check the work in progress by the sitework and concrete subcontractors. As the surveying crew is already there, they can just shoot a few points of the work being done and save headache for everyone later. For instance when I called my surveying crew one day for something else, my sitework sub had just finished excavating the trench for the perimeter foundation wall of the building. I told the surveyor to go shoot the 4 corners of the building and see the elevation, just to make sure that the site sub had excavated it to the correct elevation.

    Whether a surveyor is doing the surveying for you each time, or you are having your site subcontractor doing it himself, it is important to remember that on site there will be surveying needed so many times and sometimes the locations which are surveyed all the markings or flags get lost during other construction activities, which means additional time and money for surveying. As always, do it once, do it right, never do it again.

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