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    When looking at an exterior brick wall detail, make sure that there is the flashing shown at the bottom of the wall. Flashing directs the water away from the curb below and it is a necessary component of waterproofing the building. I saw this being missed by architects often. Also especially the subcontractor who is handling this and the masonry may miss it too, although they will be the ones who will catch it most probably… If this detail is missed, it can be a costly repair when after a while somebody discovers that the flashing installation wasn’t done. And then the consultants can even say that it was the contractor’s responsibility, to warn about this. Because they want a fully functional system and without flashing the system will not function. This can seem like an extreme case but depending on who you are dealing with it is not very remote possibility. Usually it has to cover all the edge of the concrete curb below, or the slab below and extend through the surface of the layer vertically at the back of the bricks.

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