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    i have two questions about linking.. assume you have a very large schedule.

    1) what is the fastest way of finding related activities and link them? lets say you have a schedule of thousands of activities and you wanted to link two activities that are very far from each other in the activity list. how can you quickly find the related activity?

    2) when you click on successor or predecessor cell, a search box and a list of all activities come up. in the search box when you type something it only brings the words that match with the first word of activities . is it possible to make that search to search in the whole text of the activity name? it would make the finding the activity much faster. for example, lets say, i have the activity called \”fireproof steel beams\”. and i want to assign \”install steel studs\” as a successor. but when i search as \”stud\” this does not bring the second activity. the second activity comes up only if i typed \”install\”, which is not very useful as many other activites start with \”install\” also comes up with that search. so it brings up only the match for first word… but doesn’t search in the whole text.

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