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    Is making subproject possible in ms project? Here is my problem: For a construction project, it is made of basically two distinct parts, procurement and construction. The procurement takes a long time, when they come up with the project idea and prepare the drawings, all the permits etc etc… it may take years. but then the actual construction starts and it is only say a few months. So when i combine these two distinct parts, although the project is mainly my construction work, just because the procurement took much longer time, when i say the procurement section complete, it calculates that the overall progress of the project is very high. however this is misleading. so here is my question, can i separate procurement and construction sections into two sub projects in the same file? if so how? if not, and i need to make two separate files, is there a way to link finish date of procurement to start date of construction? (i can also manually do this but just asking)

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