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    I would like to expand the small swimming pool we constructed in our garden years ago. I am planning to hire a few labors and do it myself. Please read the following and tell me my thinking is right:

    First of all i will expand it from only one side. First i will dig near that side until it is wide enough the extra length plus the form. And then I will demolish that old edge and I will do the formwork for the new sides, joining to the existing. Also the slab of course. I am planning to drill and put plenty of dowels so that it will be enough bond. This is a small pool anyway, having 4 feet of water at its highest location. Then I will pour the new slab and walls concrete. Finally I will lay the tile and backfill near the new side. I am going to make a simple sketch of these and show it to an engineer to make sure it is okay and safe but i wanted to get ideas here too. Would I be needing a permit for this? We are talking about only 4\’x7\’-6\” feet of extension area at the most (2\’6\” high walls).

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