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    Weather for construction

    The monthly anticipated adverse weather should be based on the NOAA National Oceanic and Administration data or similar data for the project location and will be the baseline of monthly weather time...
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    Does it make a difference from start date for...

    Does it make a difference from start date for backward pass?
  3. One of house owner's biggest headaches: Differential Settlement of foundations

    After the construction of a house is complete, many times homeowners see problems with their house, either due to poor design or poor construction practices or both.
    Differential Settlement of...
  4. Why do we take earthquake loads into consideration even for beam loads?

    You always take earthquake loads into consideration and analyze your frame. Did you make a structural analysis and conclude that there are no loads on the beams due to earthquake loads? It is highly...
  5. Load Combinations for building structural design

    During building structural design, here is the one thing you must remember, if not anything else:

    You must assign different combinations of Gravity Dead Load, Gravity Live Load, Lateral Wind Load...
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    what do we mean by shear walls

    shear walls prevent swaying of the structure when there is a lateral load to the building such as wind or earthquake. the walls are placed in both perpendicular directions so that the lateral load...
  7. Tips on installing and uninstalling primavera p6

    -when installing p6, you install the database manager program and the scheduoilng software itself. when uninstalling, p6 and oracle express or ms sql must be uninstalled.
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    Tile installation depending on Tile size

    Can anyone comment on the installation of tile depending on the tile size? I would like to renew tile in my bathroom and kitchen and planning to do it myself, with a friends help. If I buy bigger...
  9. Managing labour resources effectively for keeping jobs on schedule

    In order to manage your labour resources effectively and keeping projects on schedule, from a General Contractor point of view, if you subcontract trades, you must keep a good base of subcontractors...
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    TIA - Time Impact Analysis Schedule


    I was asked to prepare an example TIA - Time Impact Analysis Schedule in P6.

    To do this, I would first prepare a normal baseline schedule, and then, assign delays to certain activities...
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    solid vs hollow stem auger boring

    what is the main difference between solid stem auger boring vs hollow stem auger boring?
  12. updating the data date and activity percentages

    when i updated the data date, the activities which had start and finish dates before the data date automatically assigned 100% completion by the program. why is that and how can i make a 0% activity...
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    updating data date and revising later

    when i updated data date to today, and then when i wanted to pull it back to last week, it didnt go back to last week. why is that? how can i do?
  14. a relation between execution and scheduling of a construction project

    on every contract we award, we buy mainly two items from the Contractor:
    Given that schedule target date, the contractor establishes his own working schedule.
    The item in...
  15. having a zero duration activity with different start and finish dates

    I found a way to make a milestone (activity with zero duration) with different start and finish dates. but don't know why it is happening and that is my question.

    normally, when you enter an...
  16. thanks if you need a good construction scheduler...

    if you need a good construction scheduler please pm me
  17. Thread: Architect Belper

    by liamg

    do you need a good scheduler? if so pm me

    do you need a good scheduler? if so pm me
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    primavera p6 enterprise project codes

    i am not sure if i have overridden a name in the default project codes by mistake. how can i check?
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    primavera admin categories

    what are primavera admin categories?
  20. primavera p6 industry selection admin preferences

    what is the significance or importance of industry selection under admin preferences?
  21. deleting an activity deletes it alltogether with...

    deleting an activity deletes it alltogether with its links. dissolving it just removes the activity but keeps the links. for example say you have 3 activities. linked to each other with FS. if you...
  22. you shouldnt leave it open. everytime you finish...

    you shouldnt leave it open. everytime you finish working close your project.
  23. it is probably not installed for some reason....

    it is probably not installed for some reason. user guide pdf file has exactly the same thing. either reinstall or keep using the user guide until you have to reinstall next time and see what happens
  24. by going to EPS structure and arranging your...

    by going to EPS structure and arranging your preojects location from there
  25. p6 user guide page 81 couldnt see display options bar

    i wanted to assign categories to WBS as described in user guide page 81 but couldnt see where the display options bar is
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