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Thread: Autocad

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    I would like to buy autocad but it is really expensive. i tried the trial version already and that period is almost over. other than buying the light version, what are my options?

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    there usually is no way around it but if you dont need to draw fantastic 3d objects, the light version will cover you anyway.

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    decide between AutoCAD

    I've just recently lost my job and am now unemployed, but I'm going to go through the state workforce program to make a career change. I'm trying to decide between AutoCAD and Graphics Design. Which one is easier and/or more enjoyable? Also, what's the difference, if any, in the annual salary of each? Thank you so much in advance for your help!
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    you should do the one you like more. i have no info about the salary. and as far as being easy, both require considerable effort, there is nothing easy in this world !
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