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Thread: office building construction type

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    office building construction type

    How do you determine what type of construction needed for an office building? What are the criteria?

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    Well first thing you should have in your mind is the selection of right place for the office where you will get maximum customers. The building should be beautiful so I may attract the customers. You should have proper plan in your mind and hire a perfect builders for your project.

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    depends on your need. say for do you need long office room , with or without small bunk, or small rooms for each employee, planning the location of store room, how many car parking, room for security guards, any canteen,etc.

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    Always choose materials that are healthy not mixed with hazardous chemicals like natural stone, clay, brick, wood, bamboo, thatch, fibers, reeds, metal, brick, tile soil, glass, concrete, brick and paper.

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