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Thread: Coordination of handrail at balcony with exterior facade

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    Coordination of handrail at balcony with exterior facade

    We were installing a handrail to a balcony and at the bottom of the handrail there was an EIFS (Exterior Insulated Façade System) covering the base of the handrail. After the handrail installed it was discovered that the rail did not meet the code as far as the deflection of the upper rail criteria. The rule is, you need to be able to apply a 200 lb force in every direction of the handrail and it should not deflect more than ½ inch (I am not so sure about the deflection but it should be close.) so we needed to replace the whole detail and it also involved getting a permit from the city making the exterior of the building wait all these. If it lasted longer, it could have been a disaster but we made sure everything was properly followed up, the details quickly prepared, permit pulled and the material fabricated and installed as soon as possible.

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