In some cases it is better to have an installer only and purchase the materials yourself but you need to absolutely make sure that you really can get a better deal this way. In most cases you can not. In one of the companies I worked for before, the bosses were so nickeling and diming everything that they decided to hire installers for the brick work and wanted to get the brick material by themselves. This caused them more money because they estimated the wrong quantity, they had problems with the shipper, and the price they got was not cheaper enough to compensate for all this. In most cases your installer can get a good price for materials because they are doing this all the time so they can get volume pricing. Plus if you get the materials also through your installer you have a single source liability from your installer and you donít need to worry about all the details of wrong quantities, shipper coordination and materials running out of stock etc... the whole process in that case was so messed up that we were continuously running out of masonry brick accessories all the time and ordering them back again and again in addition to the problems we had with the brick material. It is not worth it. Get your material through your installer, unless you are absolutely sure that you know what you are doing and the price you get is really cheap. Even the time you and your staff spend will cost you much more if you get the materials yourself, so if you ask me, donít do it.