One of the most commonly used performance measurement in construction or project management overall is the Earned Value Analysis. Basically what this means is, you look at the total value of work completed at a given point in time, and compare it versus what was being planned before. At smaller companies this is never done properly however. I disagree with that. No matter how small your company or your project is, you can always apply this principle. The most important thing to do is to define your project scope clearly, make a good schedule representing the activities and sequences in as much detail possible, and assign costs and resources to these activities. Most of the time assigning resources is skipped and just costs are assigned but even that is much better than doing nothing at all. Once you have costs assigned to each individual activity, you can then compare it versus the baseline at any later time. The costs you assign to the activities versus time should be like an S-Curve, when you write their totals.