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Thread: Roof waterproofing

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    Roof waterproofing


    Iím having my strata roof waterproofed soon. But, I am still a little bit preoccupied that I've been researching about it for days. I also heard about torch-on membrane and liquid membrane. But whatever it is, can you please give me some waterproofing preparation tips to ensure that the waterproofing application will really last.

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    I think the most advisable thing you can do right now is to ensure that your roof is clean. It should be free from dirt, debris or any flaking materials that could reduce the robust effects of chosen waterproofing applications. Getting Sydney waterproofing contractors at ensure that the entire waterproofing process will be carried out professionally. Just in case you're still in doubt of a perfect waterproofing method for your roof, don't hesitate to ask.

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    Great discussion on your forum about waterproofing and really that was amazing topics collection on your forum. Thanks for sharing.

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