Tuter consulting can help with all Construction Scheduling tasks on an as needed basis.

We also provide Construction Management services.

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Here are the services we provide:

  • Scheduling & Planning

    • Determining scope and Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
    • Creating schedule with proper durations and sequencing
    • Cost loading schedule with resources, and resource leveling if necessary
    • Estimating costs of activities if required
    • Creating Baseline
    • Updating Schedules at the frequency you require
    • Creating Time Scaled Logic Diagrams, Schedule Narratives, Labor Allocation Summary Reports
    • Conversion of schedules to any format
    • Baseline comparison and progress reports
    • Utilization of CPM (Critical Path Method) and EVA (Earned Value Analysis) techniques
    • Review of existing schedules, taking over the following updates
    • All work in accordance with PMI (r) standards
    • Time Impact Analysis (TIA) schedules
    • Claims and Forensic Schedule Analysis
    • And most importantly, our schedules are backed up with years of Construction Management experience in the field, not only software knowledge. We will provide useful insight as well.

  • Construction Management

    • We provide remote CM services only, but occasional site or office visits are possible. This is a cost effective and efficient way of Construction Management, only when or as much as needed. There is no too small work.
    • General support for any construction management related documentation and work, such as:
    • Contractor, Subcontractor Management and Coordination
    • Writing or reviewing work scope for any trade, based on contract documents
    • Issue Resolution & Follow up
    • Material orders and tracking
    • Bid Analysis by evaluating work scope, purchasing and buyout support
    • Submittals, RFIs, Construction Reports support and documentation
    • Tracking progress, compliance with contract documents
    • Cost Engineering, Preparation of Cost Reports
    • Claims Management and Resolution support
    • Change Order Requests tracking and documentation
    • Scope Change Reviews and documentation
    • Application for Payments, including AIA G702 & G703